Sketchar – Drawing Easily

Sketchar – Drawing Easily

Sketchar – Drawing Easily

Sketchar Uab Bildung

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SketchAR on Android. Start drawing easily using augmented reality

SketchAR for iPhone. Start drawing easily using augmented reality

SketchAR app Demo. Start drawing easily using augmented reality

SketchAR is for those who have always wanted but have never been able to draw. In addition to this, the app is designed for professional artists as a simple and convenient way to trace sketches onto any desired surface (e.g., canvas, wall, etc.).

- If you want to draw on big surfaces such as a wall or large canvas you have to use a smartphone with TANGO, but soon it will be available for iOS using AR Kit!
- For other smartphones, SketchAR will work correctly only on an A4/A5 size of paper.

- A bright enough environment. Every AR-technology requires a sufficiently bright room.
- Uneven circles. Your drawing can be a little bit weird but if it’s too uneven it won’t be detected.
- Keep the Circles visible for your camera
- Don’t forget to use a clipboard etc. or your piece of paper will move during the process of sketching.

If something goes wrong or you do not understand anything, just ask us on

Start drawing easily using SketchAR

Neue Funktionen von Version 2.0

We are super excited to show you the new version of SketchAR.

Like art, we at SketchAR are always evolving. Here is what has changed:

- Increased stability and performance. A standard point, but worth noting that this is achieved using the ARKit. Circle-marks still need to be drawn first, inconvenient we know, but in the future, this is set to change. It will also be possible to create masterpieces on walls and canvases using a general smartphone and ARKit. In the meantime, only A4 and A5 sizes of paper can be drawn on, while at the same time, you will become a master of drawing circles ;).
- Added tools for editing an image such as 'Crop,' 'Flip' and 'Original view.'
- And of course, the design has become 'clean' as the tears of Jony Ive:)

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